Startup / Upset Recovery

It is no secret that biological wastewater treatment processes can become upset due to a variety of situations such as, inhibition/toxicity, temperature stress, significant influent loading variations, power and mechanic failures and human error. A stressed biomass can reduce treatment capacity and system performance increases the chance of effluent non-compliance. 4G’s specialty formulated microbial blends allow wastewater treatment operators to apply “instant biomass” with the capacity to rapidly increase BOD and ammonia removal, aid the indigenous biomass and stablize effluent compliance performance.
For Wastewater Treatment System restarts or startups, our industry and application specific microbial blends provide operators with the flexability to apply highly concentrated, selected microbes as needed to quickly generate a mature and effective biomass.

  • Rapid biomass performance enhancement to promote effluent compliance recovery and maintain effective performance
  • Systematic startup procedure for efficient Wastewater Treatment biomass startup
    • Refer to the specific microbial blend listed in our market segment

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