Petroleum Refining

Petroleum Refining wastewater treatment present unique treatment issues associated with processing various sour crudes, frequent crude slate changes and possible desalter deficiencies which cause changes in TOC, COD and BOD loading quality and quantity. Further, influent sulfide and amine loadings can impact biomass growth, therefore effluent quality and system performance.

  • ProKa 200 –    Petroleum refining maintenance, upset recovery – biomass aid
  • ProKa 200H – High temperature tolerant microbial blend
  • ProKa 300C – Patented cold water tolerant microbial blend
  • Nitrobe-Rx® – Ammonia-nitrogen removing microbial blend
  • ProKa 1700 – Reduced sulfur compound oxidizing microbial blend
  • ProKa 1900 – High salinity tolerant microbial blend
  • ProKa 2500 – Hydrogen sulfide / organic acid management; corrosion control
  • BioG –            Patented, automated on-site microbial growth technology

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