4G solves wastewater treatment problems through the use of Biomass Engineering, that is we combine the use of bioaugmentation with engineering techniques to solve problems specifically, waste and wastewater treatment problems, to optimize wastewater treatment system performance and to reduce wastewater treatment system operating costs. Our technologies are used for applications such as; rapid biomass upset recovery, maintaining effluent compliance, expanding wastewater treatment capacity, reducing wastewater treatment plant operating costs, and odor mitigation.

Common Signs of Wastewater Treatment System Biological Stress

  • Floating Solids
  • Excessive Foaming
  • COD, TOC, BOD, Ammonia breakthrough
  • High effluent Turbidity
  • Lake of Protozoa diversity and activity
  • High effluent TSS
  • Poor Secondary Clarifier Settling Performance
  • Highly variable (low and high) respiration rates

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