Aerobic, Anoxic and Anaerobic Digester/Reactors experience performance deficiencies due to poor solids settling which increases effluent Total Suspended Solids , decant turbidity and treatment capacity.

Aerobic, Facultative & Anoxic Digesters 

Through the proper addition of our microbial digester aid, in combination with recommended application techniques, we can improve settling and decrease effluent decant turbidity. Further, through bioaugmentation we can expand the treatment capacity and digester performance.


Anaerobic Units, Reactors and Digesters

Anaerobic units are notorious for long startup and upset recovery periods, sensitivity to process and temperature changes thereby impacting performance. Through the application of specific microbes and growth stimulants we have the ability to improve removal rates, increase gas production and enhance effluent or supernantant turbidity.

  • ProKa 1400 – anaerobic specific microbial blend
  • ProKa 2200 – micronutrient blend, dry powder
  • ProKa 2400 – anaerobic specific, liquid micronutrient blend

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