Modern petroleum and chemical processes have created more complex organic chemicals designed to improve product performance, e.g. fuels, pesticides, plastics and other materials. This production and use of these products involves interaction between water and soil and at times, contamination can occur. Today corporations are keenly aware of the need to respond quickly to spills which can create environmental exposure. 4G’s microbial blends have been specifically formulated to degrade a wide variety of complex organic chemicals.  Our microbial blends are applied to increase specific microbial diversity which assists the natural bacterial population that is present, thereby speeding up the biodegradation and cleanup process.

Petroleum and Chemical reclamation

  • ProKa 200 –   petroleum hydrocarbon degradation
  • ProKa 300 –   various chemical component degradation
  • ProKa 1900 – high salinity bioremedation of hydrocarbons
  • ProKa 2300 – macronutrient blend which aid in bioremediation

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