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How so? Time in grade, servicing the industrial & municipal market sectors.

We have visited, toured, surveyed and treated literally hundreds of wastewater treatment plants. It has taken a long time, but the learning process has proven invaluable. We have “hands on” experience with nearly every wastewater treatment plant operational configuration imaginable, in addition to various types of processing equipment as well as the potential biological problems associated with them. We know where to look for the problems as well as the solutions.

Bioaugmentation Application Experience

If the use of microbial based products is a viable solution to a problem, we have experience in successfully applying one or more types, with proven success.

Our experience has encompassed all types of industries; Petroleum Refining, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing & Beverage Manufacture, Landfill Leachate, Steel & Coal Chemicals, Textile, etc. as well as Domestic Wastewater.
This variety has garnered familiarity with the many constituents of wastewaters produced by these industries and the inherent problems associated with biological treatment.

In general, bacteria thrive best when they are exposed to a consistent quantity and quality of the organics you want them to remove. However, in practice, those two requirements are not always if ever met.
We know; specific organic pollutant degradation, ammonia removal, upset recovery, biological nutrient removal (BNR), filament chlorination & reseeding and treating under hot and cold water temperatures.

Our experience has given us insight and we have used it to develop products and performance standards that provide confidence in their application.

Product Formulation and Quality

Industrial waste and wastewater treatment conditions are often harsh and highly variable, even without mother-nature changing the situation.

Weak bacterial formulations and/or “one size fits all” products simply won’t work or underperform.
We have specifically formulated high performance, consistent quality microbial products to meet your tough and variable demands.

Our product line is extensive, because it needs to be.

We are also keenly aware that when you are having problems, a solution needs to be enacted yesterday. Getting around to upset recovery in a couple weeks is simply unacceptable.

As a result, we are able to produce, inventory, ship and deliver our product solutions on an expedited basis when the application requires priority attention.
Our products can’t work if they are still in the package.



If we don’t believe it will work, we won’t try and sell it to you. We take great pride in our products and application experience.

Our reputation and goal of continued customer service are much too important to jeopardize on a quick sale.
Conversely, if we know it will cost $1,000 to solve your problem, we will not ask you to spend $100, just because you might say yes more easily.

Our success and longevity hinge on honest delivery of performance.

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Why 4G? Because you will have our ear and attention.

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