Municipal Authorities are typically responsible for the maintenance of the collection system and the operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Maintaining each system is critical to preserving the performance of the entire system. Collection systems contend with odor and corrosion concerns due to hydrogen sulfides and organic acids in addition to FOG accumulation. The Wastewater Treatment Plants are expected to meet more stringent effluent criteria including BOD and TSS along with nutrients such as Total Phosphorus and Total Nitrogen.

  • ProKa 500 –   Municipal specific microbial aid
  • ProKa 500C – Patented low water temperature tolerant microbial aid
  • ProKa 900 –   FOG and odor treatment microbial blend
  • ProKa 975L –  FOG and odor treatment liquid microbial blend
  • Nitrobe-Rx® – Nitrification aid, ammonia removal
  • ProKa 1400 – Anaerobic digester, reactor, lagoon microbial aid
  • ProKa 1500 – Microbial filamentous bacteria management
  • ProKa 1600 – Microbial aerobic/anoxic reactor, basin or lagoon aid, denitrification aid
  • ProKa 2000 – Alternative carbon source applied for dentrification/ startups (dry blend)
  • ProKa 2400 – Anaerobic processes – micronutrient blend
  • ProKa 2500 – H2S and organic acid control
  • ProKa 2600 – Alternative carbon blend (liquid) 
  • ProKa 3000 – H2S control – sludge press, thickeners, EQ basins
  • BioG –             Patented, automated on-site microbial growth technology

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