Our Story

4G is a specialty environmental firm that is positioned as one of the premier developers, suppliers and servicing agents of novel microbial products and technologies (bioaugmentation) that are applied for waste and wastewater treatment purposes. Bioaugmentation being defined as the addition of selected microorganisms to various types of waste or wastewater in order to reinforce and optimize the natural biological processes that produce nonpolluting mediums.

4G has been forged on a combination of old school principals, where:

  • Product quality is never compromised
  • Professional service is standard
  • Product performance is reliable
  • Modern, effective and experienced application techniques are provided

Because one size does not fit everyone, we select and adapt naturally occuring microbial strains with specific qualities and blend them. These microbial blends are offered as solutions for distinctive waste and wastewater treatment applications.

We are the industrial grade microbial products, technologies and services provider.

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