We produce naturally selected microbial blends which are instrumental at improving crop and plant health via efficient soil conditioning, in addition to the “green” treatment of livestock waste and odor. 

Plant and Crop Applications

This process begins with soil conditioning and enhancing the root system through the application of a select microbial consortium that helps to achieve and maintain soil conditioning and seed protection.

  • ProKa 4000 – Soil conditioning microbial blend
  • BioG –            Patented, automated on-site microbial growth technology


Livestock Waste – Odor and Solids Management

This application applies to waste cleanup, in particular, poultry litter and swine manure odor control and total solids reduction. Once again, we harness natural microbial processes to greatly reduce ammonia and sulfide related odors, in addition to decreasing the total solids associated with manure treatment systems.

  • ProKa 4500 – Microbial Manure/litter treatment, natural odor control 
  • ProKa 4900 – Concentrated microbial feed additive – probiotic gut health improvement of livestock
  • BioG –           Patented, automated on-site microbial growth technology

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