Biological Solids Settling

Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment and other biological wastewater treatment systems rely on maintaining consistent biological solids settling performance in conventional secondary clarification units or lagoons. This is a critical operational parameter. When reliable biomass settling is impacted, managing the system operations and maintaining effluent discharge compliance can be severely compromised. During this period of stress the entire system can suffer.  Our products and techniques allow for consistent biomass settling due to the following conditions:

  • Excessive growth of non-settling (non-performing) biomass
  • Chemical dispersions
  • Temperature related bio-floccuation stresses
    • ProKa 300 – broad spectrum microbial blend
    • ProKa 300C – patent-pending cold water tolerant microbial blend
    • ProKa 300H – high temperature tolerant microbial blend
    • ProKa 1500 – microbial blend – filamentous bacteria management
    • ProKa 2200 – micronutrient blend
    • BioG – automated on-site microbial growth technology

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