Chemical Processing

The Chemical Processing Industry experiences a variety of process related issues that can negatively impact biological wastewater treatment operations. Batch processing, intermittent biomass inhibition and recalcitrant materials that make it difficult to maintain and a healthy biomass and routine effluent compliance:

  • ProKa 300 – Chemical Processing wastewater treatment biomass aid
  • ProKa 300C – Patented low water temperature tolerant microbial aid
  • ProKa 300H – High water temperature microbial aid
  • Nitrobe-Rx® – Nitrification aid, ammonia removal
  • ProKa 1700 – High sulfide degrading microbial blend
  • ProKa 2200 – Micronutrient blend aiding in microbial growth
  • ProKa 2500 – H2S and organic acid control
  • BioG – Patented, automated, on-site microbial growth technology

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