Operational Cost Savings

Through the proper and effective application of bioaugmentation technologies, our programs have the ability to influence the biomass in a biological Wastewater Treatment System to allow for a Operational Cost Savings benefits.Moving Wastewater Treatment Plants towards energy nuetrality through bioaugmentation in the following applications:

  • Energy cost – reducing horsepower (energy) related to aeration equipment
  • Energy cost – increasing methane generation (anaerobic digesters and reactors)
  • Chemical costs – reducing biosolids conditioning chemicals and biosolids settling aids
  • Biosolids treatment/disposal costs – sludge yield reduction
    • ProKa 1400 – anaerobic microbial digester/reactor aid 
    • ProKa 2400 – anaerobic micronutrient blend
    • The BioG – automated on-site microbial growth technology

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