Landfill Leachate

Landfill Leachate experience unique challenges due to a variety of circumstances that influence the quality and quantity of wastewater that must treated. From site to site the wastestream can include various metals, excessive ammonia, high COD, TSS, TDS and recalcitrant materials in addition to significant seasonal flow and temperature variations that increases the difficulty of maintaining a resilient biomass that performs efficiently.

  • ProKa 300 –   COD, BOD removal microbial aid
  • ProKa 300C – Patented low water temperature tolerant microbial blend
  • Nitrobe-Rx® – Microbial ammonia removal – nitrification
  • ProKa 2200 – Proprietary micronutrient blend
  • BioG –            Patented, automated on- site microbial growth technology

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