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We realize that due to the belief in the “Principle of Bacterial Ubiquity” which suggests that all bacteria are available at all times, everywhere, and therefore, natural population selection and adaption will produce the best biomass to treat the wastewater or waste in question, the application of specialty microbial blends may be treated with suspicion. However, accepting these tenants has led to expensive operational failures in the form of biological wastewater treatment plants that do not consistently meet effluent quality compliance and environmental disasters that have experienced ineffective treatment. Since the workhorse of every biological wastewater treatment plant and waste treatment application is the biomass, it is essential that appropriate action is taken to insure the presence of an effective microbial population. This is particularly true with industrial and joint industrial/municipal wastewater treatment plants where refractory or toxic compounds may be chronically or periodically present.



4G solves wastewater treatment problems through the use of Biomass Engineering, that is we combine the use of bioaugmentation with engineering techniques to solve problems 

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Modern petroleum and chemical processes have created more complex organic chemicals designed to improve product performance, e.g. fuels, pesticides, plastics and other materials.

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Our product technology for this segment of the industry is focused primarily on Ammonia and solids management. Maintaining proper ammonia levels promotes a well-balanced environment that allows for a healthier product and increased product yield. Nitrobe-Rx® – Microbial blend of nitrifying microbes that naturally removal ammonia ProKa 4700 – Shrimp farming microbial aid- improve water quality, […]

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  We produce naturally selected microbial blends which are instrumental at improving crop and plant health via efficient soil conditioning, in addition to the “green” treatment of livestock waste and odor. 

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