Our product technology for this segment of the industry is focused primarily on Ammonia and solids management. Maintaining proper ammonia levels promotes a well-balanced environment that allows for a healthier product and increased product yield.

  • Nitrobe-Rx® – Microbial blend of nitrifying microbes that naturally removal ammonia
  • ProKa 4700 – Shrimp farming microbial aid- improve water quality, shrimp health and yield
  • ProKa 4700L – Liquid blend version of ProKa 4700
  • ProKa 4750 – Fish farming microbial aid – improve water quality, fish health and yield
  • ProKa 4750L – Liquid blend version of ProKa 4750
  • ProKa 4800 – Shrimp farming feed conversation additive, improve shrimp gut health, reduce mortality and increase size

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