Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage industries are susceptible to a combination of various BOD – organic substrates such as Fat, Oil and Grease, proteins and carbohydrates. Sanitation chemicals that are inhibitory/toxic to bacteria can stress biological wastewater treatment system operations. 4G will evaluate the Wastewater Treatment Plant, if warranted incorporate an analysis protocol that will confirm the presence and levels of sanitation chemicals and provide a corrective solution. Our Food and Beverage microbial blends have been specifically designed to effectively perform over a broad temperature and pH range.

  • ProKa 400 – Food & Beverage wastewater treatment biomass aid
  • ProKa 400C – Patented low water temperature tolerant microbial blend
  • ProKa 900 – FOG control, microbial blend
  • ProKa 975L – FOG control, liquid microbial blend
  • Nitrobe-Rx® – nitrification aid – ammonia removal
  • ProKa 1400 –Anaerobic microbial blend – reactors, digesters and lagoon aid
  • ProKa 1500 – Filamentous management
  • ProKa 1600 – Aerobic/anoxic digesters, lagoons biomass aid
  • ProKa 2500 – H2S and organic acid control
  • ProKa Quat Safe – Quaternary Ammonium Compound neutralizing agent
  • ProKa PAA-Safe – PAA neutralizing agent 
  • BioG – Automated on-site microbial growth technology

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